It has been more than 120 years since Alessandro Berluti put his name on the House’s first pair of shoes. From the very beginning, Berluti has stood apart through its unique combination of technical skill and creative flair, firmly grounded in bespoke know-how. And although some things have changed with the times, that artisan spirit remains the same. For every new chapter in the history of Berluti, we continue to challenge the boundaries of craftsmanship and to transform the rules of style.

According to traditional etiquette, one is not supposed to wear brown shoes after 6 o’clock in the evening – but black ones. But what about yellow, purple or green? In 1980s, Olga Berluti defied the colour rule by inventing the Berluti patina.

No longer were men confined to black or brown. Berluti introduced shoes in a wide array of colours, a style feature that has been a House trademark ever since. Produced by hand by expert colourists and replete with essential oils, the technique gives the shoes distinctive colours, vibrant with life. The patinas also add a distressed appearance, creating an impression of leather that has evolved with time.


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