Founded in Lyon in 1970, Zilli is an independent family-owned and run business. Its founder Alain Schimel has worked hard to preserve this independence; paramount to unrestricted creativity and the authenticity of pure luxury that was sought but its customers. The name is renowned all over the world for producing crafted luxury menswear in France.

In order to maintain the status of the fashion house, the brand regards certain values such as; excellence, uniqueness, perfection and craftsmanship. Zilli owes its success to its own brand standing and style. The brand focuses very exclusive garments such as delicate and light leather jeackets that has been produced in a day by a single master tailor, hand-made silk-satin ties, triple stitched detailed shirts, cashmere sweaters and pants, denims from Japan cotton plated with three-micron gold zippers. Far from hunting the seasonal trends, Zilli has built up a contemporary elegance where excellence meets exceptional.

Zilli Takım Elbise
Zilli Mont


Address: Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No: 5/B 34360 Nişantaşı Istanbul/TURKEY
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Address: Goldenes Quartier, Seitzergasse 2 – 4, 1010 Vienna/AUSTRIA
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