As Alkon Group, we are always in the service of our customers who have never compromised their style with our unique customer service concept and rich product range for more than 15 years. In 1999, we started our business in Classico with our store in Ankara. Our first store, Brioni, Zilli, Stefano Ricci, Artioli, the world’s most luxurious Italian brands for the first time we met our customers in Ankara. After exactly 10 years Oden history, in 2009 the world’s most prestigious menswear brand, is the choice of the most prestigious men, we have taken first steps to Istanbul opened in Nisantasi, the first store of the brand Brioni has received numerous awards in Turkey.

It is considered as the best in the world in classic clothing by strong men in art, sports and business world. In 2011 Zilli became the second store in Istanbul and also in Nişantaşı. The store, which is established on a large area of 400 m2, is the third largest store in the world. Originated from the 20th century France, Lyon-based luxury men’s clothing brand Zilli, the world’s best coat, coat and coat manufacturers are preferred by many. In addition to outerwear, embroidered details applied to jeans, leather logo patches and badges made from crocodile leather, added a luxurious touch to traditional jeans.

The famous Italian fashion designer Stefano Ricci has made it his principle that he will never compromise on quality and rewrote the definition of luxury. Stefano Ricci carrying the name of the shop, has joined the Alkon Group in 2012. The first store opened in Ankara JW Marriott Hotel in Turkey.The “Home Collection” series, which uses real quality materials in addition to genuine crocodile leather sofa sets used in store furniture made from real walnut trees, has made its mark clear with its designs that have been sealed in quality and quality like the special ski collection. In 2014 after Ankara store, the company has opened its second store in Nişantaşı first in Turkey in Istanbul. This store is shown as one of the top 3 Stefano Ricci stores in the world in the eyes of Stefano Ricci. In 2017, the brand’s third store in Turkey at the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul opened in a different location continues to provide service to the men always to the fore with elegance.

The luxury Italian linens, the first menswear brand adds to the Group’s external structure Frette manufacturer opened its first store in Turkey in 2012. It has a very large collection of home textiles, such as bedspreads, duvet covers, tablecloths and robes. It is possible to see this collection from contemporary top class hotel chains such as Ritz and Savoy to luxury restaurant chains, private jets and yachts.At the end of 2017 Alkon Group, the Berluti brand name within LVMH has opened the first store again in Nişantaşı in Turkey.With this store, the group has become the company with the most stores on the same street. Scritto, which is a 17th century old French writing, is a brand that creates a different style by reflecting the shoe, handbag and accessory product groups with a stylish design and has become one of the brands that have become very popular and in a short time.


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