Custom bike designer Stefano Ricci
Stefano Ricci ambitious players in the custom-made men’s wear, not only in the field of fashion, home textiles in the collection of Italian craftsmen demonstrated their skills.

Mark brings a whole new dimension with the ability to tow a bike. Stefano Ricci pleased with the results of the officials cooperating with eco-friendly bikes are producing Italian Carter. Bicycle brand’s creative director Filippo Ricci father of the idea, the purpose of the “respect for nature” says he. Only one produced and offered for sale at Classico İstinye Park store.Body “Ricci orange” in the handwork covered in crocodile skin. The brand on the skin given the figure of the eagle’s head.Aluminum body mounted 250-watt power lithium battery and 26-inch wheels, it aims to deliver excellent performance and a comfortable ride users. The battery Bicycle relies for about 12 hours.