Stefano Ricci Fall – Winter 2019/20 Collection: A Timeless Journey

“Life is what we make of it. Travel is the traveller. What we see isn’t what we see but what we are.” (Fernando Pessoa)

“The charm of timeless elegance is a commendation of the slow pace that conveys an unparalleled quality of life. Quality above quantity. It is the personal pleasure of a journey in which exclusivity is the undeniable value for the man who loves to choose, who seeks a unique proposal in every detail”. This is how Filippo Ricci, Creative Director of Stefano Ricci S.p.A. introduces the new Fall/Winter 2019-20 Collection.

The dynamic man proceeds along the path of knowledge and rediscovers the great beauty of Italy in the Museum of Pietrarsa, an homage to the first railway route in the country’s history, as well as in the immeasurable harmony of the hills between Siena and the beloved Tuscan Val d’Orcia region, on board a steam locomotive that evokes an uncompromising charm and style. It is a new chapter in the path of Italian style as evoked by STEFANO RICCI.

Dreams and research, an obsession with details and lustrous fabrics beyond compare. This is the soul of the new collection, inspired by the concept of travel: the voyage of the soul and the voyage of life. And here, within the carriages in the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, the idea of the Florentine Maison’s contemporary elegance finds its setting, alongside the precious garments displaying the eagle, emblem of sought-after strength and true masculinity.

Diesel railcars and regal carriages, of venerable wood and polished brass, recount the sought-out spirit of the STEFANO RICCI man, aspiring towards a classic perfection balanced with an elegant technical style. There is an overall deftness in the performance of these exclusive fabrics: a jacket in precious wool, silk and vicuña blend with crocodile details and an internal 2 millimetre shaved mink fur lining, along with a royal blue iconic SR sartorial jacket with two buttons and side slits. The suits are matched up with a youthful air, and sometimes with a touch of winter linen blended with silk upon the garments’ surfaces. The details are masterly, paired with a charming ambiance and noble colours.

Field jackets in cashmere felt have a travertine colour, as well as amaranth coloured suede with ribbed embroidered relief details. While a silken, hooded down jacket with a rugged finish dons a practical anti-drip treatment. Ever-present are the hand printed STEFANO RICCI designs in exclusive linings.

This is the wardrobe of those great travelers who do not renouce personal pleasure, healthy vanity or contemporary comfort; it is marked by a logo in relief that acts as a dual seal of quality and excellence. It is a luxury steeped in refinement, with so much substance in the sartorial suits with tanzanite tones and eveningwear in prized yet enigmatic black fabric. There are double breasted and peak lapel tuxedo suits, and a shawl lapel tuxedo suit, all creating perfect silhouettes, ready for a night of celebrations that are subtly mysterious.